About our Director


Gillian Morgan MITM

Finding a computer in high school was the start of Gillian's interaction with something that we cannot live without.

Completing Business Studies in 1993, Gillian began working with Telstra in one of their busiest call centres. Starting with small business to finish with Government,  Gillian has been able learn and adapt quickly to the changes in technology.

Adding Website Design and  Development studies, Gillian spent the next 10 years working for a National industry body growing their online presence. Website updates, e-marketing bulletins, database deployment, growing social media and training staff were some of her roles.

Gillian soon joined IVT, an Australian company specialising in building and maintaining Association databases. From determining a clients' needs, documenting and advising Boards, ongoing client support and looking for growth in an Association via their database has provided Gillian with a high level of experience and understanding of Associations and business needs.

Through this experience Gillian can support your team, determine solutions, troubleshoot issues and is able to translate IT speak. 

Gillian has completed her Masters in IT Management through Southern Cross University.

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Photo credit: The Edit Suite for Southern Cross University Online

Our Consultants

Contract and Process Documentation

MorGo Online engages with a Consultant to audit and edit contracts and process documents provided to clients.

The consultant ensures that all information is current and is presented in a format ready to provide the Board.

Data Input

MorGo Online engages with highly proficient data entry individuals for small to large pieces of data entry. This allows the client to focus on the bigger picture whilst ensure data is up to date.